Wed, 24 Aug 1994

Repair shop owners reprimanded

The City Land Transportation and Traffic Control Agency (DLLAJ) has reprimanded 80 owners of vehicle repair shops for parking their customer's vehicles on the roadside or sidewalk.

"We will not allow the use of these areas for parking lots because it causes traffic jams, disturbs order and reduces pedestrians' comfort," Herman Tonglo Langi, a DLLAJ sub- divisional head in charge of traffic and public transport control, said.

Herman said that the 80 vehicles repair shops, located along the main streets in South, East and North Jakarta, have obeyed his office's order without any resistance.

However, Herman did not rule out the possibility that the owners might heed the order for the time being but then reopen their businesses again in the zones.

"We will absolutely not tolerate it," said Herman, adding that vehicles parked on the sidewalks would be removed and that the repair shops' owners would be ordered to pay the incurred expenses. (arf)