Sat, 25 Mar 2000

Refugee teachers' salaries assured

MANADO, North Sulawesi: Almost 300 teachers who have fled riot-hit areas and now are teaching in North Sulawesi are ensured of their rights to their wages, an official confirmed.

Antara reported Friday that 290 teachers from East Timor, Ambon, Ternate, and Lombok are now teaching in North Sulawesi.

The head of the provincial office of the Ministry of National Education, D.P. Togas, said that although not all teachers had complete requirements for their new assignments, they were entitled to their salary.

Togas said while all 45 teachers from East Timor already had the letters of transfer needed to teach in their new place, others only held notices of assignment.

"Although they only possess notices of assignments, their salaries are paid directly," Togas said.

He added that he had requested the ministry pay attention to teachers fleeing from areas of unrest. (08)