Sat, 04 Jun 1994

Red Beret skydivers still leading after fifth day

JAKARTA (JP): Skydivers from host team Kopassus A, spearheaded by its ace diver Sumeri, continued to lead the team-accuracy contest on the fifth day of the "Kopassus Open and International 1994" with a total score of 0.41 on Thursday.

Sumeri, who scored his third perfect landing, however, only managed to finish third in the single-accuracy event with a score of 0.04.

He is still way behind compatriot Theo Mandagi from Polsugar A, the combined team of National Police and the Garuda Skydivers Club, who finished first with 0.02.

Theo already had four perfect landings by Thursday.

The one-week competition, held to celebrate the elite army- unit's 42nd anniversary, only managed to complete five rounds of the scheduled six due to bad weather.

Similarly, for the relative work contest, the organizing committee only managed to finish three out of six rounds.

The committee's chairman, Lt. Col. Noer Muis, however, is confident that the tournament will wind up on Sunday as scheduled.


The accuracy contests up to the fourth round:

Men's team: 1. Kopassus A (total point 0.41) 2. Malaysia (0.45) 3. Indonesian Navy (0.58).

Women's team: 1. Indonesian Air Force A (1.08) 2. Indonesian Air Force B (1.53) 3. Indonesian Navy (1.69).

Men's single: 1. Theo Mandagi/Polsugar A (0.02) 2. Sazali Long/Malaysia (0.02) 3. Sumeri/Kopassus A (0.04)

Women's single: 1. Ike Puji Susilawati/Indonesian Air Force A (0.41) 2. Endah Kusumawati/Indonesian Air Force A (0.34) 3. Pingkan Mandagi/ North Sulawesi (0.37) (hdj)