Mon, 23 Oct 2000

Recruitment ads

From Media Indonesia

An advertisement recently published in a newspaper said a commission fee of Rp 1,200,000 would be given to a PL/sponsor for recruiting migrant workers and this fee would be deposited to PT BL, a migrant worker exporting company.

Indeed, this sum of money would be attractive to anybody, particularly PL/sponsors who go to villages to find would-be migrant workers, particularly women, who mostly have low education and are easily lured by the promise of a high salary when working abroad.

Considering that our country is still in the grips of an economic crisis, working abroad is one way to change one's fate for the better.

It is not my intention to say bad things about a particular human resources exporting company which has its branches in many regions. I am just concerned about the unhealthy competition among such companies, especially by publishing vulgar ads because those sent abroad are humans.

The focus of my attention and reflection is whether or not there is a clear rule in the game for worker exporting companies about the recruitment fee and the pay deduction in the place where the workers are employed. A response from authorized government agencies, particularly the manpower ministry, would be highly appreciated.