Sat, 13 Aug 1994

RCTI's programing

Everyone would readily agree that RCTI's programing these past five years has largely contributed to the enjoyment of local television viewers.

RCTI has consistently increased the local content of its programs over the years, which is essential to reduce dependence on too many imports.

These imports are predominantly from the U.S.A. and apparently not the best that are available in the market. The American films presented under Film Unggulan and Layar Emas rather fall below the average standard of American films which in the eyes of international film aficionados is already doubtful in quality.

The films shown are poor in story and acting, and often present ridiculous plots and nonsensical violence. It is amazing that the films are often announced as box office successes in the world. We need comparative sales figures to know the extent of their success!

After five years RCTI may now want to combine its fare of feature films with better products from outside the U.S.A. and to present its viewers with American films of better quality. Hollywood does need some credit after all, despite its general superficiality.