Thu, 29 Jul 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Indonesian Furniture Association chairman Ambar Tjahjono is calling on rattan businessmen to start marketing their products in the China market. China’s strong domestic market, according to him, has great prospects.

“China only earns US$ 35 billion from exports. Meanwhile, it earns US$ 50 billion from its domestic trade,” Ambar said yesterday.

At present, the majority of Indonesian businessmen still orient their marketing towards the European market. Therefore, the designs should be altered to meet the tastes of Chinese consumers.

The Indonesian Rattan Foundation chief, Lisman Sumardjani, said it is important for rattan producers to be creative and innovative. “Businessmen should not be afraid to compete because the majority of the raw materials for rattan come from Indonesia. Our products will be cheaper. Moreover, the rattan products that are exported are those that are not used locally.”