Thu, 30 Aug 2001

Raise salary by 100 percent

For the past three years, the majority of Indonesians has been fighting to make the reform drive a success but unfortunately reform has yet to be brought about to ensure that they can live a decent life.

I have made a lot of contact with society, particularly the lower class -- the group that underwent oppression during the New Order era. It saddens me to learn that workers, civil servants and members of the military/police earn salaries incompatible with the present cost of living and inflation rate.

Take, for example, a security guard at Lampung University. He earns between Rp 200,000 and Rp 250,000 a month, lower than the minimum wage of Rp 325,000 stipulated for Lampung. A rector, by comparison, earns over Rp 5 million. Many security guards here are still temporary employees although they have worked at the university for a decade. Similar cases can be found in other regions across the country.

In view of the above situation, allow me to suggest to the new government the following:

1. Raise the salary of workers, civil servants and members of the military/police by 100 percent.

2. Conduct tighter supervision of labor practices. Exact heavy penalties on any party ignoring the welfare of workers, civil servants or members of the military/police.


Secretary general of the Central Board

of Popular Youth Movement