Fri, 16 Jun 2000

Radiotherapist brutally murdered

JAKARTA (JP): Police are still investigating the death of a female radiotherapist, known as a generous person by her neighbors, who was found dead on Wednesday.

"We have questioned six people but we cannot make any conclusions yet," South Jakarta Police detectives chief Maj. Ahmad Alwi told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

Alwi said the body of Nurmala Sitorus, 60, was found in the bathroom of her house on Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam VI K No. 8, Tebet, South Jakarta, at about 9 a.m, by her brother Tumpak Sitorus.

He said Nurmala had sustained severe injuries, including to her head, neck, chest and back.

"It was a very sadistic attack, we found that she had been stabbed 11 times in her neck," he said.

An autopsy report from Cipto Mangunkusumo General Hospital (RSCM) said Nurmala was beaten with a blunt object and stabbed with a knife and a sickle.

"The killer must have had no mercy for the victim," Alwi said, adding that none of Nurmala's property was missing from her house.

A neighbor said the victim was known to be very kind.

"I can't think of someone who could do this to her. As long as I can remember she was very generous to others," Syamsuddin Amir, 70, who lives two doors from Nurmala's house told the Post.

"She charged her patients low fees. She would always say 'yes' if someone asked her to examine somebody, even the sick person lived far away," he said.

Syamsuddin said Nurmala had been practicing since 1969 and had lived by herself after her husband died five years ago. (08)