Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Question on vehicle tax

From Media Indonesia

Can we, who pay the motorized vehicle tax, be informed of how the proceeds of this tax are spent, particularly in Jakarta given that the rate of this tax is relatively high, and also of how the proceeds, which are not sufficiently disseminated among the community, are spent.

Take, for example, a 1,600-cc automobile manufactured in the year 1995. In 1998 the tax rate imposed was some Rp 617,000. In 1999 the figure rose to Rp 920,000 and in the year 2000 it is Rp 1,135,000. In view of the considerable increase every year and considering that there is a large number of automobiles in Jakarta, the proceeds from the motorized vehicle tax in this capital city must be high.

However, motorists cannot expect road and traffic facilities compatible with these high proceeds from the tax. Traffic congestion is everywhere, road safety is poor and many roads are in a bad condition.

May this letter make the relevant authorities understand that taxpayers have borne a heavy burden in terms of the motorized vehicle tax.