Mon, 23 Oct 2000

Pustaka store lost my bag

From Media Indonesia

When I was about to enter the Toko Pustaka in Bogor at about noon on Sept. 30, I was asked by a store clerk to check my bag in at the counter. I did so, but he didn't give me a numbered tag for it saying the pigeon-holes for bags were full.

As I was leaving the store, I asked for my bag but was told someone else had collected it. (I wasn't told why he or the store allowed it to be collected by another person instead of me.)

I thought I had made every effort to get my bag back, including my attempt to talk to the store manager. He was not available, even after two hours of waiting for him. Trying to help, my brother phoned the store from home but was given unprofessional, rude answers.

Unsatisfied, we returned to the store in the afternoon and we managed to talk to Wita, one of the store staff, who promised to bring the matter to the store manager's attention and to give us a ring on Monday or Tuesday (Oct. 2 or Oct. 3).

As no calls were received, we went to see Wita again on Oct. 4, and the result of our talk was that they declined to be responsible for the loss of my school bag.

I am writing this to warn all parties to be very careful when leaving your bags or anything at the Pustaka Store. Do not let something like this happen to you.