Sun, 05 Sep 1999

PT Zurich Life Insurance Indonesia

Change everywhere! The new millennium is just a few months away. Indonesia has embarked on a new journey to the future, and PT Zurich Life Insurance Indonesia has moved as well. Since May 1999 we share our offices with the general insurance company PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia for even better service and solutions.

Customer Orientation

The life insurance market in Indonesia has developed. Customers today are concerned about what insurance they buy. They look for quality and safe investments; they look for true solutions and the best advice. Some of the principles we at Zurich Life follow to fulfill those customers-individuals or groups-companies needs are: * Value added: True satisfaction comes from high value. Life insurance protection and savings programs need to be transparent and well-explained and serviced. Extensive training of our distribution network and an effective service organization are a must. * Innovation: Tapping into a worldwide network of knowledge, we are able to serve customers with new and well-adapted solutions. Our organization has a local face. Copying products from other places is not good enough. We incorporate the best techniques and services for Indonesian needs. * Lifetime Security: With the backing of Zurich Financial Services Group, with a prudent and safe investment strategy and with our professionally managed portfolio, we fulfill the promise of our policies for a lifetime. * Quality customers deserve quality solutions: Zurich's protection and investment products and excellent service are designed in that way.

Zurich Financial Services Group

As a member of the 125-year-old Zurich Financial Services Group (Switzerland), we are in a family of 65,000 employees working in over 60 countries. With this network, we are able to provide solutions encompassing Life and General Insurance as we do Asset Management. In the last year, Zurich Financial Services Group achieved an income of over US$35 billion, a profit of $2.2 billion (before merger-related costs), managed $400 billion in assets and has positioned itself among the world's leading five insurers.

Financial Strength

With insurance awareness increasing in Indonesia, and a focused expansion strategy, the life insurance business of Zurich has continued with an above-average growth. In 1998, PT Zurich Life Insurance Indonesia contributed a substantial share to the overall premium income of over Rp 75 billion of Zurich in Indonesia. We expect this share to grow even more in 1999 as the economic turnaround sets in. Life insurance is a long-term commitment. Our prudent financial management will protect customers' investments and savings in any currency. Zurich Life Insurance follows the best international practice to ensure payments of legitimate claims at any time. We welcome the risk- based capital concept as implemented in the new Indonesian insurance law; it helps to build trust in the industry.

Zurich people -- inspired by tomorrow

Founded in 1994, Zurich Life Insurance has, today, 64 employees and over 550 field representatives. To achieve this growth, dedication and customer satisfaction, we have built and are maintaining a strong multilocal culture. Open dialog, focus on the essentials and a strong vision help us to win in a changing and competitive market. Knowing well that we are here for the long term, we need to build and foster the talent for tomorrow's challenges. Building that talent is an important part of our contribution to this country and to this industry.


We are currently investing in the development of a new customer sales and services center that will assist us in our strategic objective of working to provide a complete 360 degree solution to our customers. Not only in the provision of life protection, educational savings, asset management and pension benefit but, also by incorporating nonlife business for the customer; tailor-made protection packages including motor, accident and household. Also, we have taken the first step in the launch of ZuRICH LINK, a new unit-linked product concept for investors.

Life insurance is a lifetime promise. A promise for safe investments, for complete protection. At Zurich Life Indonesia, we do not take this lightly. Our commitment to our customers, employees and shareholders alike is to work together in creative and effective ways to fulfill the promise -- today and tomorrow.