Fri, 18 May 2001

PT Pos, Wanaartha tie up

JAKARTA (JP): Policy holders of insurance company PT Asuransi Wanaartha can now pay their insurance premium at state-owned postal service company PT Pos Indonesia, which has 5,000 offices across Indonesia, under a cooperation agreement recently signed by the two companies.

PT Pos' president Alinafiah said that besides the vast network of post offices, Wanaartha's policy-holders could also pay their premiums at the company's 28,000 car postal services.

He said that the company would also buy a stake in Wanaartha to strengthen the insurance company's capital structure.

"By working with PT Pos our customers in remote villages will not have to be bothered with traveling to the city, they will only have to go to the nearest post office," Wanaartha's director, Doddy Sylviadi, said. (tnt)