Tue, 25 Jan 2000

PT BMA fails to keep its word

MEDAN, North Sumatra: Former clients of a reopened multilevel marketing firm here complained on Monday about their unreturned deposits.

Some of the claimants said there were no signs that the firm, PT BMA, would return their money. They spent hours at the company's office at Tata Plaza, only to be offered new schemes.

The firm's founder, M. Yusuf, and his wife Sakinah are under police investigation for allegedly swindling trillions of rupiah belonging to their clients. The two are still at large.

When restarting the business, Yusuf promised to return people's money.

Mayor Bachtiar Djafar has said he did not give the company permission to resume business. Police have said that they do not have the authority to ban the firm. (39/sur)