Fri, 03 Dec 1999

PRSI in deep water in choosing new chairman

JAKARTA (JP): The Indonesian Swimming Federation (PRSI) is likely to face a deadlock at its upcoming national congress because only two of its provincial chapters named candidates for the body's chairmanship by Thursday.

The congress' organizing committee chairwoman, Lisa F. Siregar, said on Thursday that so far only East Java and Jambi chapters named candidates.

They are Minister of Mines and Energy Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Minister of Industry and Trade Yusuf Kalla and businessman A. Soebowo.

However, both chapters said they would support current chairman Rahardi Ramelan if he wished to remain in the position.

"We may face a deadlock if none of the four candidates named above accept the chairmanship of PRSI. None of them has confirmed their willingness to be elected as chairman, while the deadline was on Nov. 27," Lisa said.

"Maybe it's because PRSI has a great annual expense which can reach Rp 1 billion (US$137,457)."

PRSI has five events -- swimming, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, diving and water polo -- under its management.

Lisa said if the congress faced a deadlock, the forum would let the board of patrons take over the election.

"The board's chairman can elect three people to set up the new officials of PRSI, or perhaps he could chair the organization in the interim until we have the new chairman."

The board consists of Ginanjar Kartasasmita, Sanyoto Sastrowardoyo, A. Soebowo, Naryadi Sosro, Wardoyo Kusumo and Mardiono.

Lisa, who is also in charge of organizational affairs, said she was not particularly concerned because the situation happened at past congresses.

"I believe by the end of the congress, we'll have a new chairman, who we may never have predicted before. This is not a critical situation as we experienced it before."

The congress, which will be attended by PRSI's 24 chapters, is scheduled to be held at the Santika Hotel, West Jakarta, and will be officially opened by Rahardi on Sunday. It will continue on Monday.

Before the congress, PRSI is to hold a technical meeting which will discuss the federation's internal problems, including the difficulty in appointing officials for Central Sulawesi and Maluku, which have not had representatives for 12 years. (yan)