Mon, 22 Dec 2003

Prosecutors to be trained for KPK

JAKARTA: The Attorney General's Office has assigned a second batch of 30 senior prosecutors to undergo special training on the handling of corruption cases probed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which is expected to be inaugurated on Dec. 27.

The first batch of 30 prosecutors completed the same training recently.

Attorney General M.A. Rachman said on Saturday the prosecutors specialized in handling corruption cases would have to relinquish their posts if they joined the KPK.

"They will become KPK officials. It is the KPK that will determines their salaries and grades," he said.

According to Law No. 30/2003 on the KPK, employees of the KPK must give up their current jobs if they decide to work with the commission. Their posts with the KPK will last for five years.

Rachman said the Attorney General's Office shortlisted only prosecutors with at least 10 years experience to join the special training course.

The KPK has the power to investigate and prosecute corruption cases that involved a minimum of Rp 1 billion in state losses. It has also the right to take over corruption cases that have become stalled at the police or prosecutorial level for unclear reasons. -- JP