Tue, 07 Nov 2000

Prosecutor seeks 15 months for Doyok

TANGERANG (JP): A state prosecutor asked on Monday that the Tangerang District Court sentence comedian Sudarmadji, better known as Doyok, to 15 months in jail for the illegal possession and use of 0.5 grams of crystal methampethamin (shabu-shabu).

The 41-year-old Doyok should also be given a Rp 1 million fine for the offense, said prosecutor Nandi Warsidi, adding that the 15-month sentence would take into consideration the four months the defendant had already served in detention.

Prosecutor Nandi said the police found the shabu-shabu in Doyok's residence in Lippo Karawaci area here on July 20.

"The defendant violated Article 62, Law No. 5/1997 on psychotropic drugs," Nandi said.

The contraband was bought at Rp 150,000 through a friend identified as Rizal Indra Kresna, who was with the defendant at the Jakarta Opera House on July 19, the prosecutor added.

Doyok received the shabu-shabu from Rizal that night.

Rizal is being tried separately for trafficking a total of 2.5 grams of shabu-shabu, 0.5 grams of which was bought upon Doyok's request. The prosecutor has asked the court to sentence Rizal to two years imprisonment for the charges.

The lanky comedian, Doyok, who has been detained since July 21, commented to reporters after the court hearing that although he could do nothing about the sentence he thought that it was unreasonable.

"That may be better for me. I myself think that the sentence demand is too harsh. I just pray that the court might later hand down a lighter verdict," said the comedian, who simply smiled in an expression of submission as the prosecutor delivered the sentence request.

Doyok, who failed to appear at the previous hearing due to a serious illness, told reporters on Monday that he was healthy enough to stand trial. He also said that he could enjoy living in the Tangerang penitentiary. "It's nice staying there. I have many friends and am getting more experience. Contrary to people's belief, living in prison is okay. We are fed and given medicine once we fall ill." (41/sur)