Fri, 11 Mar 2011


From:Indonesia News.Net

SIBANG, INDONESIA - When Macarena Chiriboga came to Bali in 2009, she had just finished a master's degree in architecture in the United States, doing her thesis on the use of bamboo as a building material.

The trip was meant to be a vacation. But drawn by the unusual architecture of a school on the island - the Green School, whose buildings are all made from bamboo - she was soon back, and is now designing buildings for a "green village" being built by the developer Ibuku International about an hour's drive from the Indonesian island's beaches.

With Effan Adhiwira, a 28-year-old Indonesian who is senior architect and also oversees construction at Green School, the Ibuku team is creating a collection of structures that look more like treehouses and pirate ships than luxury villas.