Tue, 19 Oct 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s non-oil/non-gas manufacturing industries grew 4.91 percent in the second quarter of this year, exceeding the government-set target of 4.65 percent, a deputy minister said.

Deputy Industry Minister Alex Retraubun said here on Monday the growth in the second quarter was higher than that in the first quarter. Besides, the manufacturing industrial growth was also able to boost the gross domestic product to 6.2 percent.
He said the industrial processing industry was able to contribute 1.1 percent to economic growth.

The deputy minister said the highest growth was recorded by processing industries in the machineries and their tools which stood at 12.16 percent, fertiliser, chemical and rubber-based product industry 3.08 percent and non metal query goods 2.43 percent.

The growth of the non-oil and gas industry also was boosted by foreign (PMA) and domestic investment (PMDN). Per June 2010, PMA investment was recorded at US$1.2 billion while PMDN stood at Rp10.17 trillion.

Besides, non oil exports also experienced a significant increase which in the January - August 2010 period rose by 34.66 percent.

The industrial sector`s contribution to the total exports accounted for 62.16 percent increasing from that in the first semester which stood at 61.26 percent.(A014/B/HAJM/SYS/B/A014)