Sat, 25 Mar 2000

Private firms control parking by purpose

JAKARTA (JP): The management of city-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya hinted on Friday that the decision to handover the parking management at its seven traditional markets to private companies was for service improvement and efficiency purposes.

"We started the cooperation in February with a three-month trial period. If the result is positive, we'll establish the cooperation at all of our 150 traditional markets," Head of PD Pasar Jaya Sjahrir Tanjung said.

The seven private-owned companies were chosen after passing a bid held in December. The companies which managed parking activities at East Jakarta's markets were PT Sri Sindu Lestari at Kramat Jati market, PT Puncak Galunggung Jaya at Kramat Jati wholesale market, PT Cipta Usaha Mandiri at Jatinegara market and PT Wilujeng Raya Utama at Rawa Bening market.

Those operated in Central Jakarta were PT Laksana Usaha Mandiri at Tanah Abang market and PT Apri Melati Indah at Senen market.

PD Lingga Binangkit managed Tebet Timur market in South Jakarta.

Sjahrir said PD Pasar Jaya had received higher income from parking after it had been managed by the private companies.

Data at the company shows parking contributed Rp 575 million to PD Pasar Jaya last month, from Rp 329 million in January. (ind)