Sat, 27 Sep 2003

Private car inspection and illegal levies

From Pos Kota

Minister of Communications Agum Gumelar said earlier this month that the plan for private car inspections (for road worthiness) was being studied so that gas emission tests on private motor vehicles could not yet be conducted, while the field personnel in charge were yet to be put in order to prevent irregularities.

The idea of private car inspections, I am afraid, is only meant to boost the practice of imposing illegal fees and corruption. As reported by this paper, illegal fees on means of public transport alone can reach Rp 14.49 billion every six months. The sum to be derived from private cars, which are greater in number, could thus be enormous.

Later, a TV station reported that the communications minister would apply the gas emission test system on private motor vehicles. If this comes true, what I have described above will take place before long. Let's wait and see.