Sun, 05 Sep 1999

Presenter Becky, a woman with a simple wish

JAKARTA (JP): Her familiar face frequently appears on television screens hosting popular TV shows or starring in numerous television series. But Ruth Ludwina Rebecca Tumewu, or Becky Tumewu as she is popularly known, still has a dream to pursue.

She wants to get married, have a husband and children: a simple wish she has kept since she was in high school.

And soon, Becky will get what she wants.

Next week, on Sept. 9, she will wed Johannes Theodorus Dermawan, or Irwan, her close friend for four years, in a ceremony at the Cathedral Church in Central Jakarta and a reception a day later at Balai Sudirman in Tebet, South Jakarta.

The 29-year-old Irwan is a manager of Emeralda golf course in Cimanggis, Bogor.

"The day will be very special for me... I wait for the sacrament at the church most," said Becky, who is also 29 years- old.

Becky is one of the country's popular MCs. Every month, she receives around 12 orders with a fee of up to Rp 6 million for a show.

She earlier hosted Becky's Morning Program on Prambors radio station before trying her luck in television. She hosted Pesta variety show on Indosiar. She has also appeared in numerous TV series, the latest ones include Supermarket Om Tan (Uncle Tan's Supermarket) on ANteve and Warung Badung (Naughty Shop) on SCTV. And last year, she released her debut album featuring her hit, Berdua (Together).

A graduate of Atmajaya Catholic University's School of Teachers and Training, she once taught first and fourth graders at Abdi Siswa elementary school.

Becky was born in Jakarta on May 27, 1970, as the fifth child of Maynard Tumewu and late Jeanne Marie Swart -- her mother had a Dutch parent.

"I will wear a white wedding gown, just as my late mother wished," said Becky, who wants to have two children from her marriage.

Becky said that for her, getting wedding is a process that she has to take at a certain point in her life.

"For me, a husband will be the closest person, a friend and a lover... a person of whom I will share everything, my happiness, my sadness. He has to be a person that can help me sort out my problems...," she said.

But why did they chose Sept. 9, 1999, or 9-9-99, as the wedding day? While some couples also plan to get married that day, others predict worst things, even doomsday, will take place on Sept. 9.

Becky, who did most of the talking although Irwan was sitting next to her when the two announced their wedding plan to members of the press on Thursday, said the two of them decided in February to marry on that date simply because it's unique.

"Both Irwan and I don't believe in such (superstitious) things, predictions or good days or bad days. For us, every day is a good day. We heard about the prediction all right, if it happens, there's nothing we can do about it... so just leave it all to Him. And I'm not worried...," said Becky,

Becky was introduced to Irwan, a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, by her close friend, presenter Indra Safera in 1995.

"At the time, I didn't have a boyfriend and I followed Indra anywhere he went... maybe that's why he introduced me to his friend, Irwan, who was just returning from Hawaii and, according to Indra, did not have a girl friend," laughed Becky.

And both Irwan and Becky admitted that they did not fall in love at first sight.

"I'm attracted to her because she's independent, clever and can be a good friend...," Irwan praised Becky.

For Becky, Irwan is not a romantic man as she earlier expected. "But he's good to talk with. With him, I can be the real me, good or bad. And he supports my work and does not try to prevent me from doing this or that."

But their relationship, just like most other couples, is not as smooth as porcelain. They even broke up many times.

"I lost count how many times we're broken up and then made up again...," said Becky, without revealing the causes for the breaking up.

"But the longest time we could stay away from each other was two weeks at most," she said, "Maybe because we're meant to be together."

For the wedding, the couple have sent around 1,700 wedding invitations. But unlike other celebrities, who boasted about their luxurious weddings, the couple preferred to be low profile.

Becky revealed that she has received lots of gifts, ranging from wedding dresses, bride-to-be beauty treatments to souvenirs -- thanks to her celebrity status -- for her wedding. Some celebrities, like Harvey Malaiholo, Indra Safera, Ruth Sahanaya and Tantowi Yahya have even offered their talents to highlight the wedding, she added.

"I'm so lucky to have many friends...," said Becky, who still has another dream, to set up a preschool of her own to practice the skills she gained at university.

She wants to have children right after the marriage but still has no plan for a honeymoon.

When asked whether she will give up her work when she gets married, Becky said that she has no plan to do so. She even plans to release her second album soon.

"I like my profession and I will keep my job after my marriage. This is my commitment with Irwan," she said.

"But if I'm pregnant, I might reduce my activities, it's natural, right... but if there's someone who still wants to hire a presenter who is six-month or seven-months pregnant... why not? It's ok with me..." (ste)