Mon, 14 Aug 2000

PPP wants DEN/DPUN dissolved

JAKARTA (JP): The United Development (PPP) faction urged President Abdurrahman Wahid on Saturday to dissolve his two advisory groups, the National Economic Council (DEN) and National Business Development Council (DPUN) saying the two councils only complicate the situation.

According to the faction there is no reason for the President to set up the two bodies as the state already has the Supreme Advisory Council (DPA) as a consultative body to assist the President.

"Disband the extra constitutional institutions," legislator Suryadharma Ali said reading the faction's statement to Assembly Commission C.

"The establishment of the two institutions shows the weakening of the DPA function and the President's carelessness to it," he added.

DPA itself is also under fire for its ineffectiveness in advising the President. Abdurrahman set up DEN and DPUN just one month after his election in October.

DEN comprises 13 members and is chaired by senior economist Emil Salim while the 18-member DPUN is chaired by businessman Sofyan Wanandi.(prb)