Wed, 24 Mar 1999

Potatoes versus rice

Reading the article "Potatoes as good as chocolate" in the Bill of Health column March 10, 1999, I am interested in the medical opinion that, according to nutrition experts at Hamburg consumer advice center in northern Germany, "the humble potato is just as good at helping to combat winter gloom." If so, it should be able to cheer us up in the dry season when the hardship and the gloom of rice scarcity grip our country. We have to start considering that potatoes may be the best alternative and even better than rice, which is our staple food.

Here are some reasons why potatoes may surpass rice.

First, although rice is claimed to be ideal for nutrition, we are, unfortunately, often worried about rice shortages. Second, although Pikiran Rakyat daily carried a report on March 11 Harvest is very good, stop importing rice, I think there is no guarantee that the situation will remain good for the whole year. Hence, steps must be taken to ensure that rice stocks are always sufficient to feed the people. But, alternatives must be sought to anticipate rice shortages. Third, it is said that divorce rates tend to rise in some rural villages in Java largely due to economic crisis and most probably because rice supply in the family is insufficient. This might not happen if they did not rely solely on rice.

Potatoes are no less nutritious than rice and are also good in terms of glucose content. Note that this tender food is often recommended by doctors for those who suffer from various diabetic ailments. Thus I have good reasons to suggest that we should have potatoes in our daily menus.

In his book Nature's cures, Michael Castleman suggests that people should frequent low-fat restaurants and eat baked potatoes. In addition to their nutritional value, baked potatoes are tasty.


Cimahi, West Java