Sat, 02 Dec 2000

Poso suspects set for trial

PALU, Central Sulawesi: The provincial prosecutor's office filed the dossiers on the main suspects in the Poso violence with the Palu District Court on Thursday.

The spokesman for the prosecutor's office, Firdaus Yahya, told Antara on Friday prosecutors also submitted as evidence thousands of weapons reportedly used in the sectarian violence, which took place between May and August.

Over 300 people, mostly students at an Islamic boarding school, were killed in the mayhem and thousands fled their homes following the violence.

Local police discovered in September the bodies of 309 people believed to have been massacred during the violence.

The dossiers of two other suspects, Dominggus da Silva Soares, 34, and Marinus "Nus" Riwu, 43, are still being finalized.

"Now we are waiting for the court to set a date for the trial," Yahya was quoted as saying by Antara.

Prosecutor Latara said the suspects were being charged with violating Article 340 of the Criminal Code on premeditated murder, Article 338 on murder, Article 351 on assault and Article 187 on endangering somebody's life. If convicted, the suspects could be sentenced to death or life in prison. (bby)