Wed, 23 Aug 2000

Pornographic pictures

I'd like to take this opportunity to draw the attention of all existing women organizations, the police in general and policewomen in particular, to the current growing practice of publishing extremely pornographic pictures, which are easily found on the covers of weekly magazines circulating in Jakarta (or perhaps in other big cities in this country as well).

From my close observation of the situation at city bus terminals, I've noticed that those close-up pictures of young nearly naked Indonesian girls, each wearing nothing but a very small or thin bra, half-opened or intentionally torn so one can see their breasts, and very small or thin pants obviously exhibiting part of her genitals, are morally disgusting as well as sexually stimulating. You can go and see the pictures for yourselves at kiosks at Senen and Tanjung Priok bus terminal.

To my surprise, there hasn't been any action taken by any women's organizations or the police on the sales of pornographic pictures in magazines during the last few weeks. It is as if they do not know the negative impact on society in general and our children in particular. I really haven't heard if these sales of pornographic items have been criticized openly and strongly.

It's now up to those parties concerned to take immediate action to stop those sales and/or bring those vendors to court for selling pornographic items.