Thu, 19 Jun 2003

Political party flags fly in Bogor

BOGOR: The 2004 election is still 10 months away, but many political parties have started their "campaign" by flying their flags in various parts of Bogor city and regency.

The flags were put up at strategic places last week.

Most of the flags belong to the six political parties that won most votes in the 1999 election: the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle, Golkar, United Development Party, National Awakening Party, National Mandate Party, Crescent Star Party and the Justice Party.

Along Jl. Cilendek, for example, flags also flew from telegraph poles, creating the atmosphere of an election campaign.

"I reckon the political parties just cannot wait to gain power, while many people will become fed up with their lies during the campaign," said Usep, a local. --Antara