Thu, 03 Apr 2003

Policeman mobbed in Cikokol

TANGERANG: A Balaraja Police officer was rushed to the Tangerang General Hospital after a number of traders and motorcycle taxi (ojek) drivers mobbed him in the Cikokol main market on Jl. Sudirman on Wednesday morning.

Sahidin, an eyewitness, said that the passengers of an Asli bus, which serves the Kalideres-Balaraja route and was passing through the market, shouted when they saw the officer, identified as Second Brig. Margoyanto, 43, pointing a gun at the head of the bus driver.

The officer then jumped off the bus and ran to a security post in the Modernland residential complex, where he broke the windows of a parked car in front of the post, kicked a motorcycle taxi and fired four shots into the air before throwing his gun on the ground.

The officer then picked up his gun again and attempted to get on the bus once more. But a passenger shouted a warning, after which the officer ran off into Cikokol market.

Traders became enraged when the officer tramped upon their wares. Along with some ojek drivers, they then attacked the officer and beat him black and blue.

A number of officers from the Balaraja police station said that Margoyanto was suffering from emotional and other problems.--JP