Thu, 09 Nov 2000

Police uncover fake diploma ring

PADANG, West Sumatra: West Sumatra Police arrested three people for producing counterfeit diplomas, an officer said on Wednesday.

West Sumatra Police detectives chief Sr. Supt. Athif Ali M. Dai said the suspects were Sutisna, his wife Martini and a principal of a local elementary school, Arneti.

Athif said the case was disclosed following suspicions over 12 students who had yet to master several subjects but passed the Police Cadet School in Padang.

"We became suspicious and questioned three of them. Later, we learned that they possessed fake diplomas, which were obtained from Martini," he said.

The police officer also said that there were five others involved in the distribution of the counterfeit diplomas.

"We'll continue our investigation to disclose the production network of these diplomas," he said. (28/lup)