Mon, 18 Sep 2000

Police question six youths

SURABAYA: Police have questioned six people for trespassing in the grounds of the United States Consulate General here.

Surabaya Police chief Sri Kresno said the six youths were from Baladhika Karya, the FKPPI (a defunct organization for children of Indonesian Military and police officers), Fosad, Alpad and the United Workers Forum.

"But they have not been arrested," Kresno said on Saturday.

He regretted their actions which he said could damage the country's international image.

He denied suggestions that police had not sufficiently protected the consulate general by only deploying a small number of officers.

He pointed out that the incident happened very quickly.

Along with about 100 friends, the people scaled the consulate's fence and set the U.S. flag on fire last week. They were protesting what the United States's criticism of Indonesia's role in the Atambua incident. (nur/jun)