Sat, 01 Apr 2000

Police officer takes on street thieves

JAKARTA (JP): Armed with a gun, a police sergeant apprehended a group of five young men who attempted to rob the officer and his female friend at a traffic light in Permata Hijau, South Jakarta early Friday morning.

Speaking to reporters later in the day, Chief Sergeant Labif of Kembangan police subprecinct in West Jakarta said he and his friend were on their way to his home from a long trip to Central Java when he saw two men at the bridge near the Permata Hijau traffic light.

Familiar with street muggings and knowing what to look out for, Labif smelled something fishy and stopped his car.

The two men, later known as Heri Junaedi and Mulyadi ran up to the officer's car and banged on the windshield, demanding money.

The three other bandits, later identified as Anton Rustanto, Agus Riyanto and Abdullah Arfan, hid nearby in order to back up their accomplices should the victim attempt to fight back.

According to Labif, he gave the bandits little chance of exercising their criminal skills. He leapt out of the car and arrested the gang, holding them at gunpoint. (09)