Mon, 17 Mar 2003

Police hunting for 10 more terrorists

JAKARTA: The police are still on alert and keen on capturing at least 10 more prime suspects for the Oct. 12 Bali Bombing who are still at large, says Made Mangku Pastika, chief investigator of the bombing.

Pastika said on Saturday that police were still looking for the suspects. Police have arrested a total of 29 suspects.

The 10 identified as Riduan Isamuddin alias Hambali, Dr Azahari, Dulmatin, Idris, Umar alias Wayan, Umar Arab alias Patek, Zulkarnaen, Noordin Mohamad Top, Saad alias Achmad Roichan and Heri Hafidin.

Pastika said that except for Dr Azahari who holds a Malaysian passport, all of the suspects were in Indonesia.

"Logically, it is easier to hide here than in other countries," he said.

The whole world was shocked after a bomb exploded in a fully- packed night club on the island in October of last year, killing 202 and injuring 135. --Antara