Sat, 03 Jun 2000

Police general implicated in corruption

JAKARTA (JP): At least one of three police generals, accused of alleged malfeasance involving Rp 300.77 billion (US$35.4 million) of the National Police 1999-2000 Crash Funding Program, has been implicated in corruption, an official said on Friday.

National Police chief Gen. Rusdihardjo told reporters on the sidelines of a reception for his promotion to four-star general that his office was gathering more evidence to proceed further with the case.

But Rusdihardjo, a senior police detective, refused to disclose the name of the general and other details of the investigation.

"I've told officers of the National Police internal affairs directorate to investigate (the case) further," he said.

A top priority report made by the Ministry of Defense dated Feb. 28, based on two long investigations beginning Feb. 3, requested the intensive questioning of three police generals over the alleged malfeasance of the fund.

The report named the three generals as former National Police chief Gen. Roesmanhadi, his former assistant for planning Maj. Gen. Adang Daradjatun, and chief of the treasury agency Brig. Gen. Darmadji S.W.

The report said the alleged mismanagement had caused the state to suffer a loss of at least Rp 5.2 billion due to, among other things, the National Police's purchase of Timor sedans at marked- up prices.

The report said the alleged malfeasance was committed following pressure from Roesmanhadi, which was strongly supported by Adang and Darmadji.

Rusdihardjo replaced former chief Gen. Roesmanhadi to head the National Police on Jan 4.

Rusdihardjo said a report from the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) showed that similar incidents involving mismanagement of police funds had been going on for a long time.

"It has been going on since 1992 or 1993," Rusdihardjo said.

Rusdihardjo said a BPK report stated the loss suffered by the state, but he did not elaborate on it.

Some of the loss was clarified to have been spent properly, he said, but he did not mention the real total.

"If you ask me (next) Monday or Tuesday, I may be able to tell you," Rusdihardjo said. (08)