Fri, 22 Sep 2000

Police arrest four suspected criminals

BOGOR (JP): Cileungsi Police, acting on a tip-off from residents, arrested four people suspected of stealing motorcycles and hijacking trucks in Bogor.

Bogor Police chief Supt. Bambang Wasgito said on Thursday four of six suspected criminals were arrested during a raid in Dayeuh village, Cileungsi district, early on Wednesday morning.

The four were identified as Kaka bin Mustar, 20, Syarifudin, 22, May, 29, and Bowo, 26. Two of the suspected criminals, IK and IS, eluded arrest.

Kaka was shot in his left leg by a police officer after he resisted arrest.

Bambang said the raid followed a tip-off from local residents, who told police the six men had hijacked a truck loaded with cement in August. The truck driver and his assistant were murdered in the incident.

The four suspects told police they had hijacked eight trucks and stolen several motorcycles.

"We believe they have committed more crimes than the ones they have admitted to," Bambang said. (21/sur)