Tue, 09 Nov 1999

Please give my funds and car's papers

As a customer of Bank Bahari (Tomang Tol branch), a liquidated bank, I have been waiting too long to withdraw my funds and collateral from the bank because I was registered as a recipient of the Plafond Rekening Koran, a facility for small businesspeople. The facility is used only when the need for funds is high and the customer has no cash. At the time of the bank's liquidation, I had no outstanding loans.

In July 1999, I was promised that I could withdraw my funds and collateral if I paid Rp 5,000 in due interest to the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) via Bank Central Asia (BCA). I did so although I did not understand what the interest was for, because at the time I had no debts.

Until now, I have still not been able to withdraw my funds or collateral, a vital amount for small businesspeople like me in this economic crisis. Another problem is the November expiry date on my car's papers, which were given as collateral. I have inquired into the matter but have not received a response.

I hope IBRA will read this letter. I really would like to see the reform movement work and the new government push for the quality of professionalism at IBRA.