Sun, 02 Mar 2003

Places of interests in S. Sulawesi

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi

1. Fort Rotterdam: Locally known as Benteng Ujung Pandang, Fort Rotterdam is a historical site showing the greatness of a South Sulawesi kingdom. It was built in 1945. 2. Samalona island: It is the most popular place for swimming and diving in the province. 3. Barombong: It is one of the most-visited beaches in Makassar, with black sand.

Gowa regency 1. Balla Lompoa Museum: Located in one of the oldest palaces in the Gowa kingdom. The museum was built in 1936. The museum houses historical artifacts from the Gowa kingdom such as manuscripts, musical instruments and traditional costumes. 2. Sultan Hasanuddin's grave. 3. Takapala waterfall: It is located amid paddy fields. 4. Malino forest: It produces fruit and vegetables for sale.

Maros Regency 1. Bantimurung waterfall: This spectacular waterfall is located in a valley between steep limestone hills. Visitors can observe various types of butterflies and birds here. 2. Dreaming cave: It is located about 15 meters above Bantimurung waterfall. To reach the place, visitors have to go through a small path from one waterfall to the other. 3. Leang leang Archeological Park.

Pangkep regency 1. Sumpang Bita prehistoric park: This is part of the Leang leang chain of limestone hills and has number of caves. In the caves, visitors can view a 500-year-old cave painting.

Enrekang regency 1. Mount Erotic or Buttu Kabobong.

Bulukumba regency 1. Bira beach: It is famous for its pristine white beaches. 2. Beru land: Local people build traditional ships here. Two famous traditional ships, Pinisi Nusantara and Ammana Gappa, were built in this place. Pinisi Nusantara sailed across the Pacific Ocean, and Ammana Gappa sailed across the Indian Ocean to Madagascar.

Wajo regency 1. Fishermen's village: There are about 30 houses on stilts here occupied by local traditional fisherman. The village is located in the middle of Lake Tempe.