Thu, 10 Jul 2003

Pilot reported for domestic violence

JAKARTA: A pilot for Batavia Airline, Capt. Bambang Heru Widodo, 56, was reported to the police on Tuesday evening by his wife Sylvia Widodo, 54, for domestic violence.

In the police report, Sylvia said Bambang punched her in the eye and also hit their daughter, Gianti, 18, following a fight over Bambang's relationship with another woman.

Bambang said the fight was over his plan to marry another woman and hold the reception at their house in Ranco Indah, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta.

Bambang and Sylvia are in the process of getting a divorce. -- JP

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Parents demand lower admission fees

TANGERANG: Some 300 parents of high school students demonstrated on Wednesday in front of the Tangerang City Council, demanding transparency and lower fee in the admission process at state high schools SMUN 2 and SMUN 5.

Indriawati, the mother of a high school student, questioned the transparency of the admission process at SMUN 2, given that the school took less than 24 hours to admit 399 out of 1,400 test participants.

The 399 students were admitted to the high school without any details of their rankings in the admissions test, Indriawati, whose son failed the test, said.

One father, Ismatullah, was there to protest the high admission fee at SMUN 5, which is requiring the parents of 396 newly admitted students to pay a "development donation" of Rp 2 million (US$243.90) each.

The spokesman for the council's Commission E for people's welfare, Abbas Sunarya, said the commission would hold a hearing with the principals of both schools and the parents. -- JP

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Bekasi Council to call water refill vendors

BEKASI: Bekasi City Council Commission B on economic affairs plans to invite hundreds of mineral water refill vendors to a hearing on the poor quality of water, which could endanger consumers' health.

"The hearing was arranged due to increasing complaints from consumers on the quality of mineral water," said commission deputy Nurul Yakin Setiabudi on Wednesday. He did not elaborate when the hearing would take place.

Consumers have complained that the water is filthy.

The Bekasi health agency will take samples of the mineral water from the vendors and conduct tests. If the water contains bacteria, the commission will ask the relevant agencies to ban the sale of the mineral water refill.

Some of the vendors said they bought water at Rp 290,000 (US$35.4) per tank, but they refused to say where they bought it. Each tank of water can refill 400 gallon-bottles, which is sold at Rp 2,500 per gallon.

The total monthly income for each vendor may reach about Rp 1 million. -- Antara

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Brimob police quizzed for kidnapping

JAKARTA: City Police Internal Affairs grilled on Tuesday an officer of City Police Mobile Brigade division for allegedly kidnapping and taking hostage a businessman.

Adj. Brig. Arifin Purnama had kidnapped Amrri, a businessman running a labor supplying company in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara based on an order from another businesswomen Nasri.

Amrri owed Nasri Rp 130 million (US$15,800) for service to make passports for 80 would-be migrant workers but the former failed to fulfill his promise.

Arifin took Amrri on Saturday who was lodging at Hotel Nirwana in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, and carried the victim to a place in Kalibata, South Jakarta, before he later brought him to Nasri's house in Cipinang Elok, Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

City Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Prasetyo said that Arifin had no authority to take Amrri a hostage.

"If he want to arrest Amrri, he must immediately submit Amrri to the police detectives who are responsible to handle the case, not to another people," said Prasetyo. --JP.