Tue, 30 Aug 1994

Perumka tells people to be more careful

Ismani, head of the Jakarta Operational Area of the state- owned railway company Perumka, reminded people to be careful when crossing the railway tracks because of the automation of railway signs throughout the city.

"There is no attendant to watch over the automatic crossing door," said Ismani, adding that the train on the Jakarta-Bogor route crosses every 10-15 minutes.

Perumka began introducing the automatic door system at 13 railway crossings along the Manggarai-Depok route, Saturday, in order to increase safety.

The automatic traffic signs also help the company increase the frequency of its runs, which in the end improves its service to the public.

With the use of the automatic devices installed at the 13 railway crossings, Ismani said that the door will open and close by itself when the train is passing.

He also warned people not vandalize the door or they will be subject to six months of imprisonment and Rp 6 million (US2762.43) in fines, not including the cost of repair.(yns)