Sat, 03 Apr 2004

Perfection? Not at all!

"Committed to Perfection" , that is the slogan which is supposed to convince potential customers to subscribe to Indosat Internet Services. Furthermore, Indosat wants the public to believe that full customer satisfaction is maintained under all conditions (see their Website!).

Eleven e-mails and seven (!) phone-calls to Indosat Customer Support remained unsuccessful. For over two months I have been facing difficulties in using the Indosat National Access Number. Instead, I have to dial interlocal to Denpasar to get connected to the Internet which causes high phone bills.

I had a similar problem with my second provider, Centrin Net, but their customer-support-staff was immensely helpful and could solve it within a few days.

I pay Rp 110,000 every month for the subscription fee to Indosat. What do I get for this money? Incompetence and lack of help! Customer satisfaction often determines whether an internet service provider succeeds or fails. Indosat, for sure, failed!

MICHAEL BEER Amlapura, Bali