Mon, 03 Jan 2000

People greet new millennium with joy, prayers

Photo A/B: Y2K

JP/bsr, JP/afs

BUG FREE: Executives of state electricity company PT PLN for the greater Jakarta area cheer (above) as they find out that their computer system is not affected by the millennium, or Y2K, bug. The sky above the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah recreational park in East Jakarta is filled with fireworks (right photo) as thousands of city residents throng the park to witness the rollover to the third millennium.

Photo C/D/E: Style

JP/bsr, JP/leo, JP/afs

HOLLYWOOD STYLE: An artist blows fire from his mouth (above) to entertain visitors queuing at the Planet Hollywood restaurant on Jl. Gatot Subroto in South Jakarta. The traditional Chinese Barongsai dragon dance marks (below) the Year 2000 party at Kafe Tenda Semanggi, Central Jakarta. A beggar sleeps (right) during the millennium rollover on a bridge over Jl. Thamrin, Jakarta.

Photo F/G: Candles

JP/Tarko, JP/Tarko

CANDLES OF HOPE: Hundreds of members of Tibetan Buddhism hold a mass prayer (left) at the Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java, to welcome the New Year and the new millennium. Yogyakartan soothsayers hold a mass prayer (above) at Bukit Lontar, Panggang district, Gunung Kidul area, to welcome the first sunrise of the year 2000. The soothsayers burned their shawls, symbolizing a move to discard negative human aspects.