Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Pelti criticized over SEAG plan

JAKARTA (JP): The Indonesian Tennis Association's (Pelti) decision to include veteran women's players Yayuk Basuki, Romana Tedjakusuma, Liza Andriyani and another world-class player Wynne Prakusya in the 2001 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games training program is under criticism.

Tennis observer Benny Mailili, who is also Pelti spokesman, told The Jakarta Post Monday that Pelti should have given more chances to the youngsters in a bid to enrich their experience through regional tournaments.

Yayuk, Romana, Liza and Wynne are among the 16 nominees to join the Games' long-term training program.

Pelti also invited juniors Angelique Wijaya, Dea Sumantri, Wukirasih Sawondari and Frederika Girsang. They will be coached by Suzanna A. Wibowo and Suharyadi, who is Yayuk's husband.

In the men's side, Pelti included veterans Bonit Wiryawan and Sulistyo Wibowo to accompany younger players Suwandi, Andrian Raturandang, Hendri Susilo Pramono, Febi Widhiyanto, Peter Handoyo and Eko Kurniawan.

Tintus Arianto Wibowo and Tjahjono will coach the men's squad as reported by Pelti's website www.inatenis.com.

Pelti sent the nomination letter to the National Sports Council last week. The number of players will be reduced to eight, comprising four women and four men, one month prior to the Games, which will take place in Kuala Lumpur from Sept. 10 to Sept. 23.

"The SEA Games should be the in-between target for the Asian Games and the Olympics. If Pelti invites world-level players like Suwandi or Wynne, it is prioritizing more on the SEA Games rather than the Asian Games or the Olympics," Benny said in a telephone interview.

"If Pelti doesn't change its program, it will not make any progress."

Benny suggested Thailand would likely save its world-class players, including women's singles Tamarine Tanasugarn and men's singles Paradorn Srichapan, for the 2002 Asian Games.

"I'm sure that Tamarine and Paradorn will not show up in the SEA Games, because Thailand puts priority on the Asian Games," he said.

However, he was unsure if Yayuk or Wynne want to play in the biennial regional event.

Meanwhile, Pelti kicks off the Indonesian Junior Championships on Monday and will end on Sunday. The event is divided into three age group: Under-14, U-16 and U-18.

Sixty four players have confirmed their participation in the event. Twelve from Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Chinese Taipei, India and Malaysia. (ivy)