Thu, 30 Nov 2000

PBSI's decision on Taufik

The news that the Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI) had banned Taufik Hidayat from two international badminton events as "educative punishment" surprised me.

As a badminton lover and supporter, I would like to say that PBSI's decision on Taufik is very regrettable. They have destroyed the dreams of the fans in order to save face for PBSI officials.

I think the battle between Taufik and PBSI officials is a draw. Taufik does not have the opportunity to confront them if PBSI is correct. So if PBSI hands down such a severe punishment to Taufik, PBSI also should receive the same level of punishment. Or PBSI should reduce Taufik's punishment to a "written warning", and PBSI should try to improve its performance. Otherwise, it is not fair and violates the rules of sportsmanship.

I hope the efforts at democratization and the elimination of nepotism and corruption will reach this sport organization, too.