Wed, 19 Apr 2000

PBSI revises shuttler selection system

JAKARTA (JP): The Badminton Association of Indonesia (PBSI) has given in to its shuttlers' offer and has approved a revision in the promotion and expulsion selection system.

PBSI training director Christian Hadinata told reporters on Tuesday that the body agreed to revise and reschedule the selection after an hour discussion with the second string shuttlers early in the morning.

"We finally decided not to hold the match combining the team of 19 members who have been here for less than a year with the other group of 19 older shuttlers. It's unfair for the newcomers. They wouldn't be able to defeat their seniors."

"Another reason is the shuttlers think we don't give them enough time to prepare for the selection. Well, a shuttler must be always prepared for any occasion because that's his or her job. However, we can compromise with them on the matter."

Christian acknowledged that the decision to stage the selection was made when he was assigned as the team manager in the Japan Open from April 5 to April 9.

One of the boycotting shuttlers, Ade Lukas, a men's doubles specialist, confirmed both factors were the main reason behind snubbing the selection process which was scheduled from Monday to Thursday.

"We boycotted it because we received an unclear explanation on the purpose and the system of the selection. After getting briefed on it this morning, we understand the whole problem and we accept it."

"We agree to the promotion and expulsion selection to recruit younger athletes. But we want PBSI to set a fixed annual program. The selection was very sudden for us because we only knew about it two weeks ago."

"We also questioned their policy to recruit winners of the circuits whose ages are similar to ours. It's nonsense to replace us with older players, too. But they said they would only recruit younger shuttlers."

"We thought it was unfair for the 19-member team to join the selection because it would be their third time. Now we understand that it was only to decide the ranking among them."

Ade acknowledged that the shuttlers made a mistake by boycotting the event.

"We admit that we were wrong. We will discuss tonight about deciding on a date for the selection and will submit an answer to PBSI tomorrow."

Twenty-eight young shuttlers protested the selection by boycotting it and opted to leave their dormitory on Monday.

PBSI chairman Subagyo Hadisiswoyo denied the incident was a boycott and said it was only a misunderstanding.

Christian said PBSI allowed the shuttlers to decide the time for it.

"We gave them an ultimatum to stage the selection no later than April 30, because PBSI will have to concentrate on the Thomas and Uber Cups championships in Kuala Lumpur in May."

Christian also said the selection had to be staged due to unprepared facilities and budget from four PBSI chapters -- Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and East Java -- to stage the decentralized training program.

"The decentralized training program was approved by members of the PBSI annual meeting in Semarang last year. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to stage it yet."

Christian said PBSI must reconsider a "back to basic" program which would let athletes practice in their respective clubs during their off-season.

"PBSI will only call them for big tournaments. The system will encourage clubs to have tighter competition among them and enable them to supply more juniors for the national team." (yan)