Mon, 15 May 2000

Paul settles for fourth

JAKARTA (JP): Canadian Robert Paul of the Star Mild team failed to make up for past defeats in taking fourth place in the third leg of the national drag race at the Sentul circuit, near Bogor, on Sunday.

The engineering consultant drove his Holden Torana to a time of 11.084 seconds.

Paul admitted that Wie Wie Rianto of the Firna team drove better than him on the day. Wie Wie, in a Ford Falcon, was first in 9.616.

With the victory, Wie Wie sharpened his previous time of 9.671.

Wie Wie's teammates Herry Agung (Nissan Fair Lady) and Budi Perdana Putra (Corvette Stingray) took second and third respectively.

Herry clocked 10.101 and Budi timed 10.853.

Wie Wie attributed his win to his consistent driving and by not changing the engine of the car, which he was forced to do in previous rounds.

"I drove consistently and that's how I won. I also do not like to change the engine of my car," Wie Wie said. (lnt)