Sat, 08 Oct 1994

Parking policy at plaza protested

JAKARTA (JP): Owners of Prisma Kedoya Plaza's shop/houses in West Jakarta went to the City Council yesterday to protest the new parking policy imposed by the developer requiring them and visitors to pay a parking fee starting on Oct. 1.

"The owner of the plaza, PT Prisma Agung Realty (PT PAR), has single-handedly decided to collect parking fees from us and visitors though they don't have a proper permit from the city administration," said Sudijono, who represents around 20 other owners, at a hearing session with the City Council's Commission D on development.

The owners have not paid any parking fees since they occupied the shop/houses in 1990.

Sudijono said that the new policy has forced many people to pay the fee or park their vehicles outside the shop/house complex. This holds up traffic along area streets.

Some of the owners' representatives then decided to meet with the management of PT PAR. They found out that the company had not submitted a proposal on collecting the fees to the municipal administration until Sept. 15.

During the meeting, Sudijono said that the representatives asked the management to postpone the policy at least until it has a permit, to free the shop/house owners and the people who work at the complex from paying the fees.

"We also demand that the company fulfill their commitment to providing the buyers with spacious parking area as promised because that was the reason we bought the shop/houses," he said.

Sudijono said that the company rejected their proposals.

Under the policy, motorists have to pay Rp 500 (U.S. 22 cents) for the first two hours and Rp 300 for each following hour, while motorcyclists have to pay Rp 300 for the first two hours and Rp 200 for each following hour.


Sudijono said the parking fees have created unrest because many people whose offices are located in the shop/house complex say they are too high.

"The policy threatens the employees' morale, thus their productivity, because they are not reimbursed for the parking fee," he said.

Sudijono is a personnel manager for PT Arnan Pratama Consultant, which has occupied a shop/house there since 1990.

Sudijono asked the Chairman of Commission D, Bandjar Marpaung, to stop the company from applying the policy because it does not have the proper license. He also urged the commission to persuade the company to give the owners and the people who worked inside the complex a special sticker for free parking.

Bandjar replied that the commission will summon PT PAR's management for a thorough discussion of the matter because their policy is inappropriate.

Ali Wongso Halomoan Sinaga, a commission member from the ruling Golkar faction, pledged that he will urge the municipal administration to examine the case. (mas)