Fri, 03 Mar 2000

Parking in Senen

From Media Indonesia

On Feb. 24, my friend and I entered the Atrium Senen parking lot around 6 p.m. I parked my black Honda Grand Impressa motorcycle with license plate number B 5860 KR. I was rushing to dusk prayer, but I did not forget to lock the handlebars. I did not feel any anxiety as there seemed to be good security provided by the security guards and even from the police, at least at that time.

An hour later, I decided to go home and went straight to the parking lot. I was shocked to find my motorcycle had disappeared. Actually its location was difficult to discern, as the security computer showed that no vehicle with the same number plate as mine had left the lot. The Plaza Atrium Senen parking lot has a good reputation, but that is what happened to my motorcycle.

I asked the lot's management to take responsibility for the theft but I got the following answer: "You only rent the place for Rp 200, and we are expected to compensate you in the millions." This is very disappointing. If the management could provide good service it would certainly attract more visitors to the famed shopping center.

I hope this incident draws the attention of the management to improve their service.


Pejompongan, Central Jakarta