Tue, 19 Oct 2010

Palu, C Sulawesi (ANTARA News) - The Palu immigration office has launched a hunt for a problematic Indian national identified as Sunil Dut, a spokesman said.

Yusus Sadu, head of the Local immigration detention center, said here on Tuesday there was information that Sunil Dut was hiding in Tojo Una-una district in the province.

"We have tried to hunt him at a location believed to be his hideout at a mining area in Bulan village but we failed to reach the location because of the treacherous terrain," Yusus said.

He said the mining area was located on a mountain slope, some 70 kilometers from

Balingara village on the trans Sulawesi highway on the Poso-Ampana axis road.

"We only reached Balinggara village and then returned to Palu because the car we traveled in was not sturdy enough to reach the intended location," Yusus said.

According to him, Sunil Dut, the Indian national had violated immigration law because his passport had expired 8 years ago but he had never have it extended.

Yusus said Sunil should have left Indonesia when his passport expired but he remained somewhere in Central Sulawesi up to the present.

Meanwhile, Bong (17 years), a Filipino fishermen who was stranded on an outer island in Tolitoli district in September 2010 was still at the Palu immigration detention house.

"We have yet to deport Bong to his country of origin because we have not yet received confirmation on his nationality from the Philippine consulate general in Manado, North Sulawesi," Yusus said.(*)