Sat, 21 Feb 2004

Outline of Democratic Party platform

Indonesia has lost its character because sudden reform movements did not stem from a comprehensive concept. The party thus strives to promote a democracy that values high religious, moral and social norms.

The 1945 Constitution should not yet be changed amid our current loss of identity; it can accommodate the country's diversity through balanced power distribution between the executive, legislative, and judicial bodies.

Therefore the Democratic Party aims to offer programs that: o Look to improve political, economic, and social conditions through the upgrading of national security; o Support globalization and promote egalitarian economic growth; o Expand fiscal decentralization; o Improve the tax system and expand the tax base; o Ban subsidies on commodities, because they have not helped the poor; o Ensure that international prices be applied to commodities; o Ensure that labor is priced internationally according to productivity; o Prioritize the prevention of corruption because the existing laws still make it hard to investigate corruptors; o Transform military owned businesses into state-owned enterprises, with all profits allocated for the military budget, in an attempt to increase accountability of the armed forces; o Form a professional armed force under civilian authority, one without territorial functions, without a political role and with no relation to any form of business activity; o Narrow the economic and social gaps, the root cause of conflicts related to religious and ethnic factors.