Wed, 13 Oct 2010


VIVAnews - Indonesia-based world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, Indofood Sukses Makmur, is under a spotlight after its famous product Indomie is alleged of containing hazardous materials. A national businessman, Rahmat Gobel, viewed that the product has been victimized from the global trading competition. According to him, Taiwan uses health issue to protect its domestic products. In fact, he said, the issue would likely affect other Indonesian products.

"State often uses [health issue] to comply with the competition," said Rahmat Gobel today, Oct 12.

According to Rahmat, it is legal to bring forth such an issue to the market. "In a competition, business ethics are no longer there. It's someone's interest that overrules everything," he said.

Amidst tough global competition, free trade is not as fully free as it is seemingly comprehended. Countless corporates or states are still defending their products by applying national standards, which include health, safety, and security.

Rahmat further fears future bans that may be applied over Indonesian products.

"Palm oil that Sinar Mas produces is banned. There may be other products as well on the blacklist," said Rahmat.

He suggested that the government improves the application and monitoring of the Indonesian National Standard (SNI), a measure thought of as capable of protecting the domestic market.

"The SNI application in Indonesia is still poor which causes the Indonesian market to be unprotected. They may use this as a ground," said Rahmat.