Wed, 09 Jun 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Banyuwangi:Banyuwangi’s export commodities still rely on fish and sea products.

The biggest export commodity is ornamental fish, prawn and conserved fish, sardines.

Last year, ornamental fish exports were ranked in first place with a value of Rp2.8 billion.

The export destinations are Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Germany.

“The export volume is more than one billion each year,” said the Head of Banyuwangi Industry and Trade, Cooperatives, Small and Medium Industries, Yoppy Bayu, to Tempo, on Tuesday (8/6).

There are five companies exporting ornamental fish.

The products are namely Angle piyama, Angle napoleon,and Angle doreng.

Canned fish and sardines exported last year reach 120 million units or 884 million.

Meanwhile, frozen prawn were 120 million units at a value of Rp476 million.

The export destinations of both commodities are namely New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa and the United States.

Besides fish and maritime products, processed wood also reached foreign markets.

But the amount is too little, only Rp97 million.

The export number is still small because Banyuwangi supplies more raw materials to companies in the regions like Bali, Surabaya and Malang.

“For farming products, we supply more raw materials,” he said.