Mon, 12 Jun 2000

Organda demands improved fares

PADANG, West Sumatra: Members of the provincial Organization of Land Transportation (Organda) are threatening to stop paying vehicle tax and go on strike if the provincial government does not agree to increase transportation fares.

They are also demanding a revision of the vehicle tax hike.

Head of West Sumatra Organda Darman Syarif said he will send a letter to the provincial council and the provincial administration on Monday to give them until June 19 to respond to their demands.

"If they don't respond then we will go our own way, we are sick and tired of the way they've been treating us," Darman, as quoted by Antara, said here on Saturday.

He said that at current fare levels, public transportation operators could not cover their operational costs.

"Especially now that there is a 56 percent to 150 percent hike on vehicle tax," he added.

Organda's complaints have been lodged to the provincial government twice before without any positive results. (10)